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PMI-ACP® Certification is a globally recognized agile certification offered by the PMI® Institute to professionals who qualify in the PMI ACP® exam. PMI-ACP® certification demonstrates a professional’s knowledge of agile principles, tools and technologies across agile methodologies. As the world is moving towards agility, the demand of agile certification is increasing by the day.

    • Globally recognized professional agile certification
    • Enhances one’s skills on agile practices and agile methodologies
    • Showcases one’s agile knowledge and experience to potential employers
    • Strong base in agile software development
    • Opens up greater career prospects

Key Features

  • a

    25 Hrs of High Quality e-Learning content

  • a

    21 PDUs Offered

  • a

    16 Real world industry examples

  • a

    1 industry case study

  • a

    12 Tips & tricks videos

  • a

    106 Chapter-end Quizzes

  • a

    4 PMI-ACP Simulation Exams

  • a

    Question bank of 600 questions(5 set of 120 Qs each)

  • a

    Engagement and reinforcement videos at the start and the end of the course

Course Structure

Getting started with PMI-ACP® 5:14
Lesson 01 – Nugget 1-Introduction to Agile 17:18
Lesson 01 – Nugget 2-Agile Methodologies I 19:43
Lesson 01 – Nugget 2-Agile Methodologies II 14:23
Lesson 02 – Agile Communication 14:51
Lesson 03 – Nugget 1-Agile Planning, Monitoring and Adopting 23:40
Lesson 03 – Nugget 2-Agile Planning, Monitoring and Adopting 21:08
Lesson 03 – Nugget 3-Agile Planning, Monitoring and Adopting 14:28
Lesson 04 – Nugget 1-Agile Estimation 14:12
Lesson 04 – Nugget 2-Agile Estimation 12:5
Lesson 05 – Agile Analysis and Design 14:12
Lesson 06 – Quality 18:19
Lesson 07 – Soft Skills Negotiation 22:48
Lesson 08 – Agile and Scrum Value-Based Prioritization I 15:03
Lesson 08 – Value Based Prioritization II 20:17
Lesson 09 – Agile Risk Management 14:53
Lesson 10 – Agile Metrics 22:35
Lesson 11 – Agile Value Stream Analysis 13:29
Lesson 12 – Knowledge and Skills Part 1 9:56
Lesson 12 – Knowledge and Skills Part 2 15:15
Lesson 12 – Knowledge and Skills Part 3 17:47
Lesson 12 – Knowledge and Skills Part 4 14:18
Final Words 7:16
Tips and Tricks 37:37

Target Audience

Any professional looking forward to gain proven knowledge on agile methodologies,
agile principles and agile tools and techniques should take PMI-ACP® certification. PMI agile certification establishes one’s proficiency in agile practices and agile development. PMO leaders, traditional Project Managers working with agile developers and Project Managers looking for more successful ways for projects planning and execution and people implementing Agile in Waterfall organizations are ideal participants for PMIACP®



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